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Global Triumph is a hybrid of a real-time and a turn-based war game.  You log in to develop bases and units, move units, and set attacks in real-time.  However, the attacks are processed once a day during the Daily Cycle (in the order in which they're set).

The objective of the game is to control the entire map.  This is accomplished through land acquisition by capturing vacant land and conquering the enemy.  You can work alone, or work with other players via alliances, treaties, etc.  The player / alliance with the most land at the completion of the map wins.

Global Triumph is currently operating in an open Beta mode. The game is nearly complete, although a few tweaks will be made here and there, as well as any bug fixes and the sort. Most major updates will now feature visual upgrades.

- Global Triumph has been updated to v1.1!

- Country size is now measured only in land sectors. If a country does not own any land sectors and only has sea units, it will be eliminated.

- Worlds now end based on one of three Victory Modes.

  * In "Advantage," the victor owns 75% of occupied land sectors, once at least 50% of the land sectors are occupied.

  * In "Domination," the victor owns 100% of occupied land sectors, once the world is closed or 50% of the land sectors are occupied.

  * in "Hourglass," the victor owns the most land sectors at a specific end time.

Daily Cycle

Each morning at 5:00am Eastern (2:00am Pacific), the game processes its "Daily Cycle."  During the Daily Cycle, attacks are processed and money is gained (based on the amount of raw material in your land).  You are automatically blocked from the game while the Daily Cycle runs.

The order in which attacks are processed during the Daily Cycle is broken down into two steps.  First, countries are chosen in a completely random order.  Each country's attacks are then processed in the order in which the attacks were set.

Version 1.1:

- The Daily Cycle has been replaced with the Game Cycle. Worlds can now run on variable Cycle schedules, including as often as every 15 minutes.