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Global Triumph has three types of bases: land, sea, and air.

landbase seabase airbase

Game Values

All bases cost $2,500 to create and start with a strength level of 1,000.  Bases can be sold for 40% of their value (determined by current strength of the base).

Bases have an armor level of 5.

Using Bases

Information about an existing base can be viewed by clicking the base, then clicking the "info" option (info).

Bases are created by clicking on the sector in which you'd like it built and clicking the "create" option (create).  Remember, the sector must contain a construction truck or, in the case of land bases, be a capital.

A damaged base can be repaired by a construction truck using the "repair" option (repair).

Air units can be bought or sold within an air base using the "modify" option (modify).

A base can be sold using the "sell" option (sell).  To sell an air base, you must first sell all of the air units within it.

Air bases also have an "attacks" option (attack) that displays all of the attacks that are currently set from the base.  To highlight an attack, hover over the attack within the attack list.  To cancel it, click the attack within the attack list.

There is a "Radar" option for sea bases when the sector is also occupied by a construction truck. A "Radar" button is available in the World view's menu.  Clicking the button will display your country's radar areas and highlight any enemy units located in water sectors within radar range.