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Defensive turrets provide protection from land and air attacks.

Game Values

Defense turrets cost $500 (per strength level) to create.  They have an attack power level of 70 and an armor level of 4.

Turrets can be sold for 40% of their value.

Using Defense Turrets

Information about an existing turret can be viewed by clicking the turret, then clicking the "info" option (info).

Defense turrets are created by clicking on a construction truck, then clicking the "create" option (create) within the defense turret row.

When a construction truck is placed on it, a turret can be developed to a higher strength using the "modify" option (modify).

A turret can be sold using the "sell" option (sell).

Turrets are vital to keeping bases alive. Not only do they provide a large defense boost to the sector they are on, they also do damage to any enemy aerial units flying over them