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Below you'll find tips provided by the game's developer and/or other players.

Getting Started

Once you join and create your country, you'll want to create a land base on your capital.  Click the capital's sector, then click the "create" icon (create) in the "land base" row.  Your land base will then allow you to create land units.  Just click the base's sector, then click the "create" icon in the "land unit" row.

You can create a construction truck if you'd like, but you probably won't need one until you expand your country a bit and need additional bases further out.  Please be sure to review the Land Units section to the right to help shape your development strategy.

When you create a unit on your land base, you can immediately move that unit onto a nearby sector.  Click the unit's sector, then click the "move" icon in the "land unit" row.  You can then use the base to create additional units, if you'd like.

After moving your units into place, you'll want to set attacks to grab more land.  Click the unit's sector, then click the "attack" icon (attack) in the "land unit" row.  Your attacks will all be carried out during the next Daily Cycle.

Starting out early, you'll probably want to build a mass of cheap units to land grab. Once you begin to expand a little, build a construction truck and use that build more land bases, or air bases and sea bases if you need them. Remember, once you start getting attacked, these construction trucks are vital for defense and expansion.

You'll also want to be sure to set and familiarize yourself with the Keyboard Shortcuts on the Settings page.  Playing the game will take a dramatically smaller amount of time.

Using Internet Explorer to run Global Triumph is not recommended.  Global Triumph runs much faster with Google Chrome and Firefox.    Please visit or for free downloads of Google Chrome or Firefox.