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The map is made up of squares called "sectors."  Each sector has its own properties, such as a name and raw material level.  The more sectors you own, the more materials are gathered and the more money you gain during each Cycle.

Each sector has a set of coordinates, such as 0.0. The first number represents the horizontal position of the sector, while the second represents the vertical position. The numbers increase moving east and south. These coordinates can aide in referencing positions to other players, or in keeping track of units.

Version 1.1:

- User Worlds are now available. Users can now create worlds up to 256x128 in size that other users can join, selecting from a variety of options (player limits, passwords, spawn/close/victory modes, etc. - see Overview). Currently, only users who have had an account for at least a month can create worlds. Users cannot create more than three active worlds at a time.